Permanent laser epilator

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Item specifics

  • Item Type: Nose & Ear Trimmer
  • Material: ABS
  • Item Type: 990,000 times laser hair removal instrument
  • Color: White
  • Packing size: 24.9 * 25 * 10
  • Battery capacity: no battery
  • Power supply: US / EU plug
  • Net weight: 0.6KG



Q:           Who or which parts cannot be used?

A:            It is not recommended for individuals who:

  1. After pregnant or breastfeeding
  2. The skin is allergic to light or suffers from other skin diseases
  3. Tattoos, pox marks birthmarks, moles, freckles, etc.


Q:           Can men use it?

A:            yes, but not for face and beard. Male androgen secretion is strong, it will affect the effect of hair removal, and hair removal effect varies from person to person.


Q:           is the effect the same as the beauty salon? Can you get rid of your hair completely?

A:            the effect is the same, this product uses a similar technique to the medical beauty ice point hair removal. The principles of the epilator are to destroy the myeloid in the hair follicles and inhibits re-growth, and a long term use can achieve a long lasting hair removal effect.


Q:           is the process painful? Is it safe?              

A:            No it is not painful, the removal process uses pulsed light ice sensitive synchronization of hair removal technology, while epilating the ice repair is cooling simultaneously giving you a comfortable and painless feeling.


Q:           what do I need to be aware of when using?

A:            use according to the hair removal cycle, 3 times a week, four weeks is already enough to be effective, if there is discomfort, adjust the frequency of use.  Recommended to use first gear and at the same time turn on the snowflake button, if the light head does not fully cover the skin area, the epilator will not emit light.


Q:           what care needs to be done before and after use?

A:            before epilating, shave skin clean to show hair, moisten the skin with toner, let it absorb and then use the epilator. Doing so not only relieves pain, but also ensures that the pulsed light works effectively on the hair follicles. After epilating, use the ice dressing mode, coat Aloe Vera essence on skin, and within 6 hours do not touch the water.


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