Electroporation facial radio frequency skin rejuvenation

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Item specifics

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Technology: LED Facial Machine
  • Function: Tightening & Lifting Remove acne & Whitening
  • Function 2: Acne Removal, Spot Remover, Remove eye bags
  • RF Face Lifting Device: LED Photon Therapy
  • Electric Body Facial Massager: Facial Beauty Spa Equipment



Facial  Radio frequency Devices is good for facial skin care. It works on skin rejuvenation, skin toning, wrinkle removal, acne removal, anti-aging, skin renewal, pore size reduction,  increase skin elasticity, skin tightening, skin whiten,eliminating toxins and improve skin absorption of cosmetic products etc. The radio frequency equipment contains LED lamps. You can do quick and easy treatment on whole facial. Most people feel a little bit warm, comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. No pain and no harm during the process. Skin product (e.g. essence) should be applied. And the radio frequency face device would help skin to absorb the products more efficiently. Daily treatment is available. About 10 minutes treatment everyday can keep your facial sharp, smooth and looking young . 
1. Electroporation  - allows the essence to be soaked deep into the skin
Electroporation is a beauty method that injects collagen and hyaluronic acid into the skin with No-needle. Throughout the process you will feel no pain.
2. Mesoporation (No-Needle Mesotherapy/Thermage)  -allows the essence to soak into the subcutaneous tissue
Mesocoporation is a new name and this name is a combination of Mesotherapy technology and Eletroporation technology.
3. LED Photon  - can restrain and kill bacteria(Acne removal and Pimples removal), good for sensitive skin.
4. EMS  -Slimming, face lifting and skin tightening, wrinkle removal
EMS can help to relax muscle, activate the skin tissue(skin cell), so that it can achieve a better face lift and wrinkles removal effect.
5.Radio Frequency(RF) --Eliminating toxins, promoting blood circulation, improving lymph circulation, body shaping, body slimming.
1.Microwave pulse to tighten skin and restore skin elasticity.
2.Super strong nutrition import to the deep skin and enhance absorption.
3.Radio Frequency to eliminate toxins, slim and shape the body.
4.No-needle Mesotherapy, no pain and no harm.
5.Daily skin care for face therapy.
6.Portable and easy to operate, treatment can be everywhere and anytime.
Package Included:
1Pc x Main unit 
1Pc x Use Manual 
1Pc x Power line
1Pc x Charging stand











The Electroporation facial radio frequency skin rejuvenation is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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